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Book Our Condo

Our condo can be rented through Beyond Blue Vacations.
Click here for available dates and pricing.

Instructions After You Book Our Condo

Once you have booked our condo through Beyond Blue Vacations you will receive an email with instructions for checking in, checking out, etc.  You will also be instructed to download The Hospitality App.  The app will have important information such as the door code, clubhouse door code, etc.

Arriving at Silver Shells

When you arrive at Silver Shells Resort and Spa you will pull up and tell the attendant you are renting St. Maarten 702.  He will lift the gate and let you pass.  You will drive around to the St. Maarten building and you'll see the sign for the St. Maarten parking garage.  When you pull into the garage our reserved parking space will be the third space on the left.  You will see 702 on the sign.

Image from iOS (1).jpg

The elevator you will use throughout your stay is Elevator 1 and it is conveniently very close to the parking spot.  There are carts in the lobby of Elevator 1 you can load your luggage on.  However, for your initial arrival you will go just past the main Elevator 1 and use the first service elevator.  Take the service elevator to the 7th floor.   When you step off the elevator you will see the back door to our condo and a key pad.  You will enter the code provided once you have booked the condo.   This will let you into the condo in the second guest bedroom.  When you walk into the living room you will see a welcome platter with all of your wristbands, elevator keys, etc.

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You will need to wear your wristbands at the resort.  The key cards will open gates around the resort and will allow you to take Elevator 1 directly to the condo's foyer.  Having your own private elevator is a really nice feature!


When you are ready to hit the pool or the beach take the elevator down to the garage level.  There's a gate that leads you directly out to the pool area.  

All other information you may need will be provided in the email you'll receive after booking as well as on The Hospitality App.   We recommend utilizing this website for places to eat, places to go, and things to do.

Here is a map of The Silver Shells Resort and Spa from their website.


Recommended Tips

If you are planning to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, you'll need to walk down to the beach and rent them from the little shack down on the left, past the Sand Bar.  You'll see signs for it.  You can rent beach chairs for individual days or for your entire stay.  However, it is first come, first serve.   Some people get up really early and wait in line before they open at 9:00 AM.  If you want your beach chairs to be on the first row you'll want to get there early and get in line.  You'll only have to do that once.  They will mark your chairs with your name and set them up every day in the same spot.  If you don't happen to get in the first row they will slide you up closer as other people leave.  The beach chairs are available from 9:00 til 4:00 or 5:00 each day.  It has been our experience that if you slide the beach chair guys a good tip they will put you in the first row the remainder of the week.  That can be our little secret.


There is an assortment of board games and cards games in the TV cabinet in the living room.  You'll also find our Guest Book in there.  Please drop us a note and tell us about your stay!

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